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We need your help! Many dogs and cats that come to our shelter desperately need immediate and ongoing vet care.

AWSOM is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and depend solely on donations from caring people and the community.

Please, donate to our Yelp for Help fund so that we can continue to serve the medical needs of the abused, neglected and abandoned animals in Monroe County.

100% of all donations made to our Yelp for Help fund will go directly to the care of our shelter animals.

nicholasI can't imagine how he felt laying under a porch for two days in the freezing temperatures.  Nicholas was brought into AWSOM yesterday and we immediately noticed his left rear leg was swollen and non-weight bearing.  Two elderly gentlemen coaxed him out from under the porch.  He was frightened and shivering and crying in pain. 

Nicholas is being hospitalized now and will remain in the hospital under pain medication.  His rear left leg is shattered and he may have been hit by a car.  Nicholas is still a puppy at 11 months old.  He is very friendly. He is not Neutered, not micro chipped and does not have any ID on him.   He was found  at Louis Crown Drive and Belvedere Road in Tobyhanna (Mount Pocono).

The Veterinarian says Nicholas will need a plate put in his leg to repair the shattered bone.  He quoted us a surgical cost of $2900.00.   His surgery will take place on Tuesday and he will remain in the hospital until a quiet foster home can be found. 

Once again we ask you to donate to our Yelp for Help fund to help Nicholas and so many other injured, abandoned animals that enter our doors at The Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM). Please use the Donate button below to make a secure, PayPal donation to help us care for poor Nicholas and other animals like him who are suffering.

As always, thank you for your continued support and love for our shelter animals. We just can't do it without you!

gabrielWe really don't know how much more we can take. Gabriel, a Mastiff mix, was just brought into AWSOM as a stray from the Mount Pocono area, cold and shivering. He is in very poor condition to say the least. Poor baby boy is emaciated, he has a 2 inch hole in his rear that goes right down to the bone and his face is a mess of sores. Even after what he's been through, this big lug has a huge heart and such a loving personality. There was no way we could turn him away.


AWSOM has had so many abused animals this week that we are struggling financially to keep up with our Veterinarian bills. These poor souls need our help and we cannot turn them away because our Yelp for Help fund in low. We feel very bad asking once again for your help but we just can't keep doing this work without your support. We are a simple, loving group of staff and volunteers who are charged with caring for the unwanted animals in Monroe County. The truth is that we rely on donations to keep going.


This poor boy is one of the lucky one's who was brought to us out of the cold weather. We have no way to tell who will be next, what dog and/or cat will need our help. Please remember, 93% of the animals that enter our doors are not spayed or neutered and our adoption fee barely covers spay/neuter, vaccinations and micro chipping.  In fact, most of the animals that enter our facility need additional veterinary care.  Once again, we humbly ask you to help AWSOM and give to our Yelp for Help fund to help not only Gabriel  but the many animals that enter our animal Shelter. We have to be able to save every single abused, neglected and abandoned animal. We have to be their safe haven until their lifetime home is found. We have asked a lot from our AWSOM friends and are asking again, head down, hat in hand for your help. Please use the secure PayPal donate button below so we can continue our mission.


Please hear our Yelp for Help and pass it on to anyone who may be able to donate. Share our website or like us on Facebook (A.W.S.O.M.). Together, we can continue making a difference in the lives of the animals that so badly need us.


Dillon, a 7-8 year old German Shepherd, came to AWSOM as a stray a few weeks back and it was obvious straight away that there was something wrong with our guy. He was very thin, shaking, scared and wobbly on his feet. His back legs seemed weak and he had a very large mass by his rectum.  Dillon was in pain and had been for a long time. Dillon was hungry and tired.

We took Dillon to the vet and discovered that the mass was actually hardened stool that he was not able to expel because of a hernia that was never repaired. The hernia is 7 to 10 CM. Not to get too graphic, but  the stool was getting backed up into the hernia. Our vet attempted to repair the hernia temporarily but doesn't have the necessary equipment to repair it correctly.  The muscles are so damaged that they are now like tissue paper.  That means he will require a more specialized procedure at a different vet's office. The approximate cost of the surgery is $3500.00. Dillon has been hospitalized and we need to move him to another hospital TODAY.  Dillon is on a liquid diet till we can repair the hernia. He is hungry to say the least.

Dillon is one of the most well behaved, loving and loyal dogs we've ever had the pleasure of caring for.  He has been an absolute gentleman with our staff and volunteers. He loves people. We can feel the hope inside of him with every kiss he gives us. We can actually see the gratitude in his eyes when he's in our arms. He trusts us.

AWSOM can't, and won't, fail Dillon . We have to stand by his side, show him that he is deserving and that he is dearly loved. Please help us. Take our hand and stand by Dillon's side with us. Together, we can show him, and all the other neglected, abused and abandoned animals in Monroe County, that he is wanted, worthy, and most of all, loved.  He didn't ask to be neglected and unloved.

Please contribute to our Dillon's Surgery Yelp for Help fund. AWSOM supporters, all of the animals that pass through our door need us. We will not be the ones to fail them. We will be the ones to stand up for them and finally show them the love that they deserve. Dillon hasn't given up on humans and we can't give up on him.  Unfortunately, we can't turn back time and change his life. Fortunately, with your help, we can change the course of his life and ensure his future is filled with an abundance of love and devotion.

Please click on the paypal button below and contribute to the Dillon Fund.  We need your help for this very costly surgery.

destiny  bagHow could you do this? How could you tie one dog up in a trash bag and dump her in the woods to die, like she doesn't matter? How could you leave another innocent and starving dog to die with her? You actually had to drive past the AWSOM shelter to do this…why couldn't you leave them both in an outdoor kennel? We might have been able to save the Yorkie…poor Destiny wouldn't have suffered for so long…

AWSOM friends, we are shattered. On Sunday 12/1/13, a dog was found in the woods up the street from the AWSOM shelter. A good Samaritan spotted Destiny curled up on top of a garbage bag, growling, starving and terrified. We have come to find out that she was not abandoned alone. Destiny was actually laying on top of another dog,  a Yorkie, who was tied up inside of a plastic garbage bag. They were both left to die, put there, alone in the freezing cold, by the person who was supposed to protect them. The poor Yorkie had no air to breathe and was callously tossed out as if she didn't matter. There was no food to eat or water to drink. Destiny lay there, freezing, shivering, starving, confused and terrified out of her mind, actually laying on top of her friend, trying her best to protect her and keep her warm. Sadly, the Yorkie didn't make it. She died. We don't know when. We did get to Destiny in time and will do whatever it takes to save this precious life and show her that love exists, to show her that she is worthy of love and to prove to her that she is loved.

Destiny is emaciated and very dehydrated, obviously starving for some time. (Mouse over the picture to the left to see another). She was literally thrown away to die. Someone actually abandoned her with the intention of leaving her to slowly die, to suffer the same cruel fate as the Yorkie.  We can't even begin to wrap our heads around this. We just can't believe it…we are still trying to figure things out. We are slowly putting together the pieces of this gruesome and tragic story.

We need your help finding the person or persons responsible for this unimaginable act of cruelty. Do you know Destiny and her Yorkie friend? If so, you know her owners. Please call 570-421-DOGS or email Help us take Action for Destiny and the Yorkie.

We have also set up a Yelp for Help Fund for our girl and are asking you to donate towards Destiny's care using the secure PayPal button below. We have depleted our Yelp for Help fund with the countless other neglected, abandoned and abused animals. She deserves the best we have…and with your love and support we can do just that.


This never seems to end. This is Lacey. She is a 4 year old female Puggle. She was adopted in February 2012 to a person living in Stroudsburg. She left the shelter on a drug called Phenobarbatol for seizures. She was a happy girl and did well on her medication.

Lacey was found yesterday tied to a tree in Wind Gap, hungry, thirsty and shaking. She has been beaten. Lacey is showing signs that she may have been crated in a small crate.She has hematomas and bruising all over her body.  She is riddled with fleas, both of her ears are infected and her eyes are swollen. Our investigation is to start with the adopter from Stroudsburg. We are asking the public if they recognize Lacey.  If you live near Wind Gap or the surrounding area. We want to find out who did this to one of our AWSOM Angels.If anyone knows anything, please contact the shelter  at  570-421-DOGS.

Once again,  we need your help financially with medical bills. Lacey is on her way to the vet now to find out her condition. We do not know how long it has been since she had her medication for her seizures and we will be running blood tests and whatever the vet needs to heal her.

Please give to the YELP FOR HELP FUND by clicking the secure PayPal button below. A little puggle who did not deserve to be beaten.  She is a sweet girl and  deserves the very best we can do for now. We will keep you informed as we proceed with our investigation and her care.

Thank you all for your kindness and support for our shelter animals.


Friends, this is Jacob. He was left in one of our outdoor kennels last night some time after 5pm. It was below freezing last night. We found him this morning shivering uncontrollably, barely able to stand. He looked at us with wounded eyes and licked our hands, somehow knowing that he was safe and loved.

We have no idea how he got in this condition. How long was he neglected? How long did he suffer? Folks, make no mistake. This didn't happen overnight. His right front leg is swollen to almost double the size of the left. There is an infection raging in this leg and it very well could be broken. He can't put any weight on that leg at all and is in severe pain. Look at the picture of his leg oozing infection. Our hearts are breaking over this baby boy. Somebody failed Jacob. We won't.

On top of that, his eyes and ears are terribly infected. His hair is so matted that the skin underneath is beginning to tear.  We can't tell how skinny he is because of all the matting. Can you imagine how much his little body hurts just from this? All those mats are constantly and relentlessly pulling at his skin. Imagine trying to lay down on what feels like needles pulling at your skin.

We are bringing him to the vet this afternoon to get the full story on his injuries.  Until then, we need to start raising money for his care. We just don't know what he will need but we have to be prepared to help Jacob and all the other abused, neglected and abandoned animals in Monroe County. We are asking our AWSOM supporters to help us stand up for Jacob and show him that he is loved. We have to show him that he is worthy of whatever it takes to help him heal.

AWSOM friends, please contribute to our Yelp for Help fund. You have always answered our call for help  and we know this time will be no different. We couldn't do what we do without your loyalty and unwavering support of the animals that need us. Please donate to our Yelp for Help fund by using the secure PayPal donate button below. We cannot become complacent in the face of neglect or abuse. We won't. Stand with us.

If you recognize little Jacob and can lead us to his owners, please call the shelter at 570-421-DOGS or email We want to talk to the person(s) responsible for this and hold them accountable.


THURSTONThis beautiful German Shepherd was brought into AWSOM as a stray.  Immediately the staff and Volunteers could see how much pain he was in and got him into the van and to the emergency Vet yesterday. Thurston is a young boy but looks older because of his lack of nutrients, lack of food and the overall poor condition of his coat.  At first we though he had mange, but the Vet said he is allergic to fleas and has a yeast infection. Thurston will need continuous care for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  He was given a shot to stop his itching and Thurston cried like a baby. The Vet has him on medicine and supplements to take care of his skin.  The staff stayed late last night to bath his itchy red raw skin. This baby boy is red raw from head to toe and he is skin and bones. After his bath he stuck his head into one of the staff members lap.  He knows he is being helped by AWSOM.

Once again, we ask for your help with our Yelp for Help funds to help Thurston. Our funds have been exhausted with many many other cases of neglect and abuse.  Thurston has a long road ahead of him and the AWSOM staff and volunteers are committed to making Thurston healthy and happy.  We will show him the Love he so deserves. Thurston is a friendly boy who loves everybody.   We have no idea how he got this way but we can assure you his life will change for the better now.

Please help us to help Thurston, please click on the secure PayPal donate button below. 100% of your donation will go towards the care of Thurston. 

(Mouse over Thurston's picture above to see another heartbreaking photo).

Thank you all so very much for your kindness and support to our AWSOM shelter animals.


This is Triumph.  He was found laying on the side of the road, presumed deceased, until someone actually went over to check on him. The good Samaritans realized he was alive and brought him straight to AWSOM.  Upon arrival, this poor soul had no strength left in him, was in extreme pain and he could barely walk or lift his head. He was starving, hurting, exhausted and sick. But when we looked into his one opened eye we saw a spark, a definite will to live and in that moment we knew he would TRIUMPH over whatever obstacles he was facing. This precious boy heaved a sigh of relief and knew that we were going to help him.

First off, we wanted to put some food in his empty belly. He ate some but was struggling just to stand because he was in so much pain. His right eye was completely swollen shut. We were very worried and it was touch and go. We weren't even sure if he would even make it overnight.  We did know that we were charged with caring for this lost soul and that he would need lots of love and TLC. Loving and caring for him is the easy part but it was so hard watching him try to get comfortable just to lie down.  Have you seen what a dog in severe pain looks like? It'll shatter your heart into a million little pieces.

We discovered that Triumph is suffering from a severe Lyme infection which is very painful for him.  He is being treated and is thankfully responding well to it. And as for that swollen right eye: it was first thought to be a bug bite but now could be because of blunt force, a blow to the head.

Triumph has been responding to treatment and more importantly loving care. He knows he is loved now! He wags his tail when he sees you and has gotten more stable on his feet. His swollen eye has gone down and he looks at you with both eyes now. He is very underweight but has been eating. He has a long way to go but with our help he will get through this and get back to the great pup we all know he is.

We don't know what Triumph has been through, what has brought him to this point. We don't know what other health issues, if any, he might have, only time will tell. We do know that we can't help this sweet boy, and any of the many other abandoned, neglected and homeless animals that come through our shelter, without your support. Please take action for Triumph by donating to our Yelp for Help fund through the PayPal button below or by mail to AWSOM, PO Box 13, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.


In May, Lizzie was found wandering around route 196 in Mount Pocono and was brought to our shelter by the police.  We soon realized that Lizzie looked pregnant and on June 10, she gave birth to 11 healthy puppies! As most of you have followed Lizzie and her babies through the webcam below, you know that our sweet girl has been an attentive, loving and caring mom to her little angels.

Yesterday, poor Lizzie was unexpectedly weak and lethargic, not eating and showing signs of sickness. We rushed her to the vet and her temperature was up to 107° and is now fighting some kind of infection. She has been at the vet ever since, getting much needed fluids and antibiotics. We can't believe it. After what she's been through, from being abandoned, pregnant and alone to giving birth to ELEVEN healthy puppies, she can't give up now!

So many of you have already donated towards the care of Lizzie and her 11 and we so deeply appreciate it! Her 11 puppies are thriving, healthy, loved and will be ready for their lifetime homes in just a few weeks. But we still have more work to do and we're asking you once again to open your hearts to our girl.

We have had too many animals, abandoned and sick, needing medical attention and have completely depleted our medical fund. Just yesterday, we were trying to raise funds for a very sick cat called Serenity, and we still haven't raised enough to cover her vet bill. But this is what we do. We save abandoned and neglected animals. We are all animal lovers, we are all fierce protectors of those who can't protect themselves. All of us...all of you who volunteer, who foster, who work for and who support us...we all make up this AWSOM family!

We have started a fund to help Lizzie. Please donate to the Yelp for Help fund using the PayPal donate button below. 100% of your donation will go towards Lizzie's care at this critical time. Thank you for your kindness and support!



Born 5/3/13 and the only survivor in her litter. Strong, determined and loving, this girl is desperately ill and receiving round the clock medical care to reduce the infection her tiny body is battling. She is getting IV antibiotics and cool IV drips and the prognosis looks guarded, but good. We need to raise $1000 to cover her care so anything will help. Please, this little baby has had such a tough start in life and deserves the best chance for a much better ever after!

AWSOM Supporters, please help us and donate to the Yelp for Help Fund towards Serenity's medical bills. This little baby kitten is fighting for her life. She is still in the hospital and is showing improvement but her vet bills are adding up and with all the homeless animals requiring medical attention, our medical fund is running very low. We need your donations to continue the good work that we do everyday to help the shelter animals who depend on us. Thank you always for your kindness towards our AWSOM shelter animals.


AWSOM  Needs your help. This lovely lady is 6 year old Belle.  After arriving at the shelter, AWSOM had Belle checked out by one of our veterinarians and it was discovered that Belle has Lyme Disease and a Torn ACL which will require surgery.   You can see her raising her rear leg in the picture to the left because it hurts this poor baby to stand on. 

AWSOM is currently full, past our capacity, housing 33 dogs in 18 kennels and we have exhausted our Yelp for Help funds for surgeries of this magnitude.  This plea is going out to raise funds to replenish our Yelp for Help funds so that we can help Belle.   Right now we are keeping her confined and on pain medication to keep her comfortable, with volunteers letting her out daily for short walks.   Please donate using the secure PayPal Donate button above to help us get Belle the surgery she needs.

Belle will also need a quiet foster home once she goes through her surgery.  If you can foster Belle, please call 570-421-DOGS.

Thank you for always showing your kindness and compassion towards our AWSOM Animals!


We've named these two Snydersville babies Suzie and Shelly, after the two dedicated volunteers who rescued them and brought them to us from the Snydersville area. Both dogs are SEVERELY underweight, riddled with fleas, nails curling under their feet, skin red raw and very scared.  This is a case of neglect/abuse and we are pursuing that with the cruelty officer.

The first priority now is to feed, vet and care for these poor dogs. They are stuck together like glue and wolfed down the food we gave them. Both girls look to have had puppies a few months ago. Her nails are overgrown and turning under, making it very painful for her to walk.

We need your help with the costs we will incur to get the Snydersville Babies back to health. Please, any amount you can donate will help us help them. Click on the PayPal Donate button above and put 'Snydersville Babies" in the message area.

We are so grateful for your support!

(Mouse over the pictures to the left to see a few more)

johna johna


This is neglect beyond belief.  We named him Johna.  On Saturday Johna walked in front of a car in Brodheadsville and laid down on the ground.  He wanted the person in the car to help him.  She got out of her car a found this dog emaciated and weak.  She put him in the back of her car and brought Johna to AWSOM the next day.  I am fostering Johna at my home to nurse him back.  He is going to the Vet today at 11:30.  Johna is covered in white scabs. His nails are so long that they are pushing his toes apart.  His teeth are broken off and some have rotted out of his mouth. Johna probably weights 39 pounds.  The white you see on his face is not fur. They are white scabs all over his face.   Johna has an eye infection and both ears are infected.  Johna's feet are very sore and red on the bottom.  We do not know who starved him and what he has been through.  We do know that despite his condition, He is a friendly loving boy.   I want to throw my arms around him and hug his frail body, but I can't because of the sores on him.  I don't want to hurt him.  Once again, we ask you for your help.  The shelter has mounting vet bills from Cupcake and Cupcake is still being hospitalized at Barton Heights.  We have exhausted our medical funds.  Johna is the second neglect case this week.   Please help us because we can't do this without your help!



Cupcake is still being hospitalized and her chest x-rays have revealed that she has fluid in one of her lungs. Barton Heights feels she has an pneumonia.This on top of Pancreatitus.  Cupcake is still not eating and remains in isolation on IV fluids.  The results for the diagnostic testing for influenza and the respiratory panel had to be sent out and we may not have the results for another few days or longer. In the mean time they are continuing to treat her. If she stabilizes she may be able to return but would need to be in isolation from any other animal, thus to a foster who has no other animals, dogs or cats.


If there is anyone who can foster Cupcake , and we pray she will rebound from this,  please email  She cannot come back to the shelter.  She will need to be isolated. We will keep you updated.  Please keep Cupcake in your prayers.  She needs them now.


Once again AWSOM needs your help. Meet Cupcake. She had to be hospitalized this weekend and is still in Barton Heights hospital. Cupcake became very ill at the shelter with bloody diarrhea, bloody vomiting, not eating and lethargic.  Shelter staff rushed her over to the emergency dog hospital.  They have run a battery of tests on her.  She has tested negative for PARVO. They are thinking it is Pancreatitis.  Today she has a heavy nasal discharge and needs further tests and chest x-rays.  She is still not eating, she is still lethargic. They have her on IV fluids and they are caring for around the clock.   Please pray for her, she is only 2 years old and she was named cupcake because she is so sweet.

If you can help AWSOM with her vet bills,  we would appreciate any donation into our "Yelp for Help" fund on behalf of Cupcake.  AWSOM shelter is running at above capacity with many ill animals that need our help daily.  Please help us if you can.  All of your donations are tax deductible and go directly toward the medical expenses of our ill and injured animals.  Thank you for your kindness towards our AWSOM shelter animals.


This was Faith.

She was brought to us on 8/3/12 by the Dog Warden, through the Cruelty Officer. She was missing an eye, the wounds around her neck were terribly infected and infested with maggots inside and out. This precious girl was in such bad shape, she couldn't even stand up. 

Faith died, in our arms, the same day. What if she was brought to us a few days sooner, what if the people that owned her did not neglect her, what if she were loved...

We can no longer help Faith, but we can ensure that when these abused, neglected or abandoned dogs and cats come to AWSOM, they get the medical care and human love they deserve. We can only do this together. We certainly can't do this without the support and love of the community. Please consider any amount you can. Even $5 makes a difference in the life of the animals we serve.