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Attention experienced walkers: Night dog walk - every Monday @ 7:00pm at AWSOM. Bring your leashes and tuck our dogs in for the night!

CALL FOR ENTRIES - People & Their Pets Photo Contest - Gallery @ Liztech

August 27 - Volunteer Fundraising Committee Meeting @ 6pm, Panera Bread, Rt. 611 Stroudsburg.

August 30 - Stroudfest on Main St., Stroudsburg. AWSOM will be in front of Dunklebergers!

Sept. 5 - The Chive at PBC, 5pm - close. Will benefit AWSOM!

Sept 13 - Ross Twp. Community Day! VanBuskirk-Haney Park 11am-4pm.

Sept. 19 - AWSOM RAFFLE PARTY @ Chateau Resort & Conference Center. Doors open @ 6pm. VENDORS WANTED! Click for more...

Sept. 21 - Chestnut Hill Twp. Community Day, Chestnut Hill Twp. Park, 12pm-5pm!

Sept 28 - Princess Tea @ Great Bear!

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Every Friday we are going to highlight an AWSOM animal that has been with us for too long, in the hopes of finding each one a lifetime home. Please help us spread the word about our Forgotten Friends. Together, we can find the perfect forever home for every single AWSOM animal! (Click here to see all Forgotten Friends


Introducing Marcus, the overstuffed marshmallow! Folks, this big guy is really special and he's been waiting a long time for his lifetime home. Sadly, right off the bat, Marcus has 3 strikes against him and he is being passed up time and time again.


Strike one: He's a Pit bull

Strike two: He's black

Strike three: He's big


The irony is that he is one of the most loving, gentle, loyal, calm and affectionate dogs we know. Meeting him is just like eating a marshmallow that's been roasted over a campfire. You take the roasted marshmallow off the stick and you notice that it's hard on the outside and you panic. Did you over roast it? Is it ruined? Should you discard it? But you take a chance on that little nugget of goodness and you bite into that marshmallow and taste it's warm, gooey center. Oh boy, that's the stuff.  It's sweet and satisfying isn't it?  People are looking at Marcus on the outside and are only seeing  the big, black Pit bull. Spend a minute with him and you'll get that ooey, gooey, silky soft center that makes it all worth while.


Marcus is a 3 year old Pit bull Terrier mix, neutered, UTD on shots, micro chipped, house trained and more then ready to be snuggled up next to you in bed. He is a spooner for sure so make sure you have plenty of room for his 95 lb. body. He's great with other dogs but a meet and greet with yours is a must. He would be good with kids too, but we recommend 10 years or older simply because he is big and clumsy and could unintentionally knock them about. Our big lug is a real cuddle bug who just wants to be loved. He also happens to be super handsome and charming. He loves people, loves strutting his stuff proudly by your side, showing off for everyone to see. Marcus is a really, really good boy looking for his chance at happy ever after.


You'll see what a good boy he is in the video. He showed no reaction at all when cars passed or even when a stranger walked by. He was simply happy to be with us, looking at Rich for direction, calm and content to be hanging out with friends. Boyfriend isn't really much for playing, he just wants to be with you. Oh, and one thing we ask you to keep in mind when first meeting him: he forgets his manners when he's in the kennel so he comes on a little strong. As soon as he's out, he's perfectly fine. He has so much pent up energy and he yearns so badly for human interaction that he thinks acting like a rascal is the way to get it. Once you show him the leash, he sits down and patiently waits for you to put it around his neck and he won't leave until you let him know he can. That is how well behaved our boy is.


So, here we are, hearts on our sleeve, asking you to see past our big boy's exterior. It's heart breaking for us to watch the weeks turn into months without any interest. We absolutely love him and know the family meant for him is out there. Marcus is a total joy, a super sized snuggle bug with so much love to give. He's fantastic. He's amazing. He has no idea how big he is, what color he is or what breed he is. He only knows that he is homeless. Please notice him. Please, look into him and see him for the sweet treat he really is. He will know for the rest of his life that you chose him and will thank you every day for giving him his fairy tale ending.


EARS UP: In celebration of our special guy, we are offering a discount on his adoption. We only want him to find the most loving, most caring, most excellent home there is.



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