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Attention experienced walkers: Night dog walk - every Thursday @ 7:00pm at AWSOM. Bring your leashes and tuck our dogs in for the night!

CALL FOR ENTRIES - People & Their Pets Photo Contest - Gallery @ Liztech

August 6 - Volunteer Fundraising Committee meeting @ 6pm, Panera Bread, Route 611 Stroudsburg. All are welcome!

August 9 - AWSOM Open House & Adoption Event!

August 9 - Fridge raiding Stroudsburg Dog on Animal Planet! Watch the episode @ Siamsa, 7pm.

August 11 - Golf Tournament @ Great Bear Country Club!

August 16 - AWSOM Adoption Event @ Brown Daub, for every car sold that day, they are donating $100 to AWSOM!

August 30 - Stroudfest on Main St., Stroudsburg!

Sept 13 - Ross Twp. Community Day!

Sept. 19 - AWSOM RAFFLE PARTY @ Chateau Resort & Conference Center. Doors open @ 6pm. VENDORS WANTED! Click for more...

Sept 28 - Princess Tea @ Great Bear!

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Every Friday we are going to highlight an AWSOM animal that has been with us for too long, in the hopes of finding each one a lifetime home. Please help us spread the word about our Forgotten Friends. Together, we can find the perfect forever home for every single AWSOM animal! (Click here to see all Forgotten Friends

 Roxie girl came to us a while back, as a stray. She was found by a wonderful woman who tried, unsuccessfully, to find her family but after housing her for a few days, she just couldn't keep her. When Rox first arrived at the shelter our girl spent her first few days just laying there in her kennel, sad and scared, showing little interest in anything.  Once she realized that everything was okay, her inner ROX-STAR emerged to reveal the goofy and loving girl she really is!

The first thing we noticed about this girl was her love for rocks. Okay okay...her obsession with rocks. It's quite a sight to watch her as she pushes them around, barking in joy! Rocks aren't the only thing she plays with though, she loves to play ball too! The woman who found our girl told us that she had played soccer with her children and had a blast! Roxie is a tried and true family dog and would be wonderful with your kids of all ages and sizes.

One of our amazing teenage volunteers, Cailey, takes Roxie into the playpen every time she is there and they are always playing a round of soccer or having a fun game of fetch. The best part is when the ball lands the pool and you see Roxie gleefully jump in... yep, that's right, she LOVES the water! If you love to visit the lake or the beach you could definitely take this girl with you! If you have a pool, she'll be in heaven. If you don't have a pool, you'll want to get her one just to watch her splash around and love life.

Still not convinced she is a Rox-Star? Well, the only thing this girl loves more than playing is giving kisses and cuddling! She is a super pooch who loves to smooch and was recently voted AWSOM's Best Kisser by staff and volunteers. When Roxie greets you, she loves to lean on your legs as you scratch her and gaze up at you with the most loving eyes until you lean in close enough for her to land a big wet kiss on your face!

Roxie is a four year old German Shepherd mix. Mixed with what? Perfection! She is spayed, UTD on shots, micro chipped, and even house trained. As you can tell, Roxie loves people. But guess what? Not only does she get along great with kids, she likes cats and other dogs (a meet and greet with yours is a must)! She also knows most of her basic commands (sit, paw, etc...) and walks great on a leash. She is super smart and picks up really quickly so she would excel with further training of any kind.  Truth be told, there is ONE minor issue this girl has... she sometimes likes to jump at cars as they pass by while on walks. No worries though. Our girl is so smart and attentive, we've no doubt that with a bit of training this would be an easy fix!

Roxie truly is "man's best friend" and we can't understand why she hasn't found a home to call her own... but that's where you come in! If you think this girl is meant for you don't waste anytime, come down to the shelter between 11-5 and see how much of a love bug our Rox-Star really is!  You'll fall in love, we know we all did!



Great friend to AWSOM, Eric German is giving everyone a chance to dunk him at our Open House on August 9. Pocono Mountain Harley Davidson is kind enough to let Eric off from work that day from 3:00 - 4:00 just to raise money for AWSOM!

For a $5 donation to AWSOM, Eric will indeed get dunked! The more we raise, the more he dunks! The sky is the limit and we have him for 1 hour so let's see how many times we can dunk him! We don't want to send him back to work dry do we?

Please click on the secure PayPal donate button below to donate $5. What do you say folks? Who wants to see Eric get wet?


Our very own State Representative, Mario Scavello, is giving everyone a chance to dunk him at our Open House on August 9 from 11:30am - 1:30pm! That's right folks. For every $100 we raise to "Dunk Mario", he will indeed get dunked! So, donate $5, $10, $25, $50 or even $100…whatever you can.  If we raise $1000, Mario gets dunked TEN TIMES! The sky is the limit and we have him for 2 hours so let's see how many times we can dunk him! (We'll keep you posted right here with the number of dunks).

Mr. Scavello is once again showing his support for Monroe County's only animal shelter. He is a great sport and is donating his time to raise money for AWSOM. So what do you say? Who wants to Dunk Mario?

Please click on the PayPal donate button below. The more we raise, the more he dunks!


PLEASE CONSIDER OUR AWSOM ANIMALS DURING YOUR NEXT SHOPPING TRIP: Dish Soap, Clay Cat Litter, Scoopable Cat Litter, Towels, Blankets, 45 Gallon Garbage Bags, Canned Dog Food, Simple Green, Paper Towels, Friskies Patte Style Moist Cat Food, Fancy Feast Moist Kitten food, Purina Kitten Chow and Purina Cat Chow. Complete List

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