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Attention experienced walkers: Night dog walk - every Thursday @ 7:00pm at AWSOM. Bring your leashes and tuck our dogs in for the night!

April 22 - Siamsa Charity Event!

April 27 - Wag & Walk Fun-Raising Trek!

May 17 - New Volunteer Training @ 2pm

May 24 - AWSOM Open House @ 12pm

June 7 - NASCAR details to follow

June 7 - Father's Day Dog Pics @ Pet Supply Plus! Proceeds to benefit our AWSOM Clinic! $7 per dog or $3.50 per senior dog.

June 21 - AWSOM adoption event @ Pet Supplies Plus!

July 20 - 5th Annual Crazy For Cars @ Memorytown USA!

August 11 - Golf Tournament @ Great Bear Country Club!

AWSOM is actively searching for a professional and experienced volunteer grant writer to participate on the AWSOM Board of Directors. Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit resume to:

AWSOM,  PO Box 13,  Stroudsburg, Pa 18360, or email to

Please fill in "Grant Writer Applicant" in the subject line.

100% of all donations go towards supporting the shelter!

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Every Friday we are going to highlight an AWSOM animal that has been with us for too long, in the hopes of finding each one a lifetime home. Please help us spread the word about our Forgotten Friends. Together, we can find the perfect forever home for every single AWSOM animal! (Click here to see all Forgotten Friends

It’ll be a perfect world when every animal has a furrever home…

Meet Karina, a beautiful 2 year old, jet-black domestic shorthair kitty who’s anxiously waiting for her furrever family. This sweet girl has been with us since last summer, when she came in as a pregnant stray. Mommy Karina went straight into foster care, had her lovely kittens (who have long since been adopted) and then came back to AWSOM to find her true furrever family. This sweet girl has repeatedly been passed over for months and months. She was adopted recently but was sadly returned because she didn’t get along with the existing kitty in the house. However, Miss Karina does reside in the small, free roaming cat Room in the cat house and there aren’t any problems. Why Karina decided she didn’t like the other kitty, we do not know. But, we do know, that Karina is a simply delightful kitty who’s ready to shine in her very own home!  

Karina really is a great cat; she’s spayed, up-to-date with all her shots, and is litter-trained. Aside from that, she’s calm, mellow, and affectionate. In the mornings when we do our cleaning, Karina sits on her kitty condo and simply watches us. Later on in the day, she comes out of her spot and starts rubbing against our legs, purring in total bliss. Karina isn’t one of those ‘super cuddly love-bug kitties’ but she’s a simple, easy, and sweet girl. Sometimes Karina won’t want affection and just wants to be simply left alone…other times she rubs up against you, demanding affection. She sometimes enjoys playing with string toys and really fancies a nice session of playtime. Other times she wants to be left alone, wanting nothing more then to sleep on her nice cozy bed and soak in the sunlight.


Miss Karina has been with us for a while…too long. Karina’s life has consisted of these three things: living the life as a stray, going into a temporary foster home and then being homeless at the shelter. Karina does not know what it means to be in her own, real furrever home. She doesn’t know what it means to be loved. She doesn’t know what it means to have a life outside the shelter. Karina has missed out on love; she has missed out on being cherished; she has missed out on everything that she should have. We do our best here at AWSOM but, no matter how much love and care we give her, we will never be her furrever home. Our definition of a furrever home is this: 1. an owner to greet her every morning, every afternoon and every night; to love her and cherish her furrever. 2. a house to run around in; to explore and take adventures in; her very own bed, her own spot on the couch, her own condo to bask in the sun on. 3. a place where she can go to bed at night, knowing that she is loved, and where she never has to worry about being homeless ever again…  

1 year, 2 months…60 weeks…10,200 hours, 25,500 minutes…that’s how long Karina has been homeless. It’s actually much longer if we counted how long she was a stray, fending for herself on the streets, being drenched in rain, shivering in the cold at night, feeling lonely and unloved…every minute that goes by is one more minute that Karina is homeless. How is that fair? Karina never did anything to deserve becoming a pregnant stray…she never did anything to wind up homeless…she doesn’t deserve to feel unloved...she doesn’t deserve any of this…  

What she does deserve is a lifetime of treats, love, and happiness. What she does deserve is her own furrever owner, to be hers in never-ending love furrever. What she does deserve is her own lap to sit in, the loving hand of an owner stroking her back, and Karina knowing, with all her heart, that she has finally found her furrever home…


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