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Foxy girl was surrendered to us on late Saturday afternoon…thank goodness. We had no idea what the wound was on her back but we smelled it before we saw it. Knowing there was something rancid festering under her skin, we immediately put her in the car and brought her to Creature Comforts. After surgically removing the severely infected skin, the vet determined that poor Foxy was bit by a spider or insect. Without proper care, that one bite turned into a putrid mess of foul infection and decaying skin.

Foxy is a 7 year old Jack Russell/Westie mix with a family who love her dearly but cannot not afford to pay for the treatment she so desperately needed. This family is losing their home and could not take care of themselves, let alone Foxy. With no other options, they brought her to us in the hopes that we could help her…and there was no way we were turning her away.

Her recovery will be slow and painful and we'll have to take it one day at a time. Foxy will need constant care, beyond what our Wellness Center can provide, and we take great comfort in the fact that she is receiving excellent care at Creature Comforts.

Friends, this is the sad reality here in Monroe County. We have so many…too many…dogs and cats that are being neglected, abandoned and abused. Dogs that cannot drive themselves to the vet. Dogs that can't yelp for help. They have no voice…until they come to AWSOM.

We have no idea how long Foxy girl will require round the clock veterinary care but the clock is ticking and the bill is growing. Our Yelp for Help fund is once again dangerously low and we need your help to continue caring for Foxy and the countless others that need all of us. We are the only shelter in Monroe County and you wouldn't believe what we see every day. But that is why we are here and it is why we so urgently need your help. Please donate to our Yelp for Help fund and help us ensure we can continue helping every single animal that needs us. Thank you for your compassion and kindness towards Foxy and all of our shelter animals.

FOXY UPDATE - 9/21/15


foxyupFoxy is still at Creature Comforts, receiving round the clock care for what turned out to be some kind of spider or insect bite that went untreated. We realize the photos are graphic; but friends, they are Foxy's reality. The first picture is of the dead flap of skin that was removed, leaving the (second picture) huge, gaping wound in her back.

She is now eating is more alert and is soaking up the love and affection of the CC staff. Her wound is being wrapped and cleaned often and is getting laser treatments to try and promote healing. A culture was sent to the lab to see if the wound is free from infection.

This is a serious injury and if it continued to go untreated…well we just won't go there. We are very grateful to Foxy's family for loving her enough to surrender her to AWSOM.  Baby girl's recovery will be long and slow and her prognosis is guarded at this point but we won't give up on Foxy, or any other animal that needs us. We are Monroe County's only no kill animal shelter and are overwhelmed with so many helpless animals that need care.

We are so blessed to have such a compassionate and generous AWSOM community of supporters. We are asking you to please help us pay for Foxy's care. With the bills piling up for Foxy, and the other neglected, sick and abused animals in our shelter right now, Our Yelp for Help fund is gone. We desperately need your help. 100% of your donation will go directly towards Foxy's care and will enable us to continue helping all the other animals in need. Thank you for your kindness towards our shelter animals.


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