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Attention experienced walkers: Night dog walk - every Monday @ 7:00pm at AWSOM. Bring your leashes and tuck our dogs in for the night!

November 1 - Pet Masquerade @ ESU!

November 2 - AWSOM Fundraiser @ Walmart, East Stroudsburg, 9am-12pm!

November 2 - New Volunteer Training @ 12pm, AWSOM shelter!

November 6 - Pocono Soup!

November 14 - AWSOM's 5 year anniversary and Pawsitive People Recognition Dinner @ the Stroudsmoor!

March 21, 2015 - Tricky Tray @ Stroudsmoor. Get your table now before it sells out! Details Here...

May 2015 - Muses in the Vineyard!

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Every Friday we are going to highlight an AWSOM animal that has been with us for too long, in the hopes of finding each one a lifetime home. Please help us spread the word about our Forgotten Friends. Together, we can find the perfect forever home for every single AWSOM animal! (Click here to see all Forgotten Friends



Sugary Sweet Casca is dreaming...a nice soft, comfy bed of her own...a loving owner's lap to sit in...her own perch by the window where she can soak up the sun's rays...the intense and invigorating sense of being loved...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Casca, a 2 year old tabby domestic shorthair who currently resides in the Large Cat Room in the Cat House, where she dreams of a furrever home every night. Our sweet little girl was abandoned at the shelter, along with two other siblings of hers who have long since been adopted. Casca, however, has remained with us for nearly half a year and we have no idea why. This sweet sugary muffin is so sweet and playful and loving and we just don' understand why she's still here. Normally, when cats first come into the shelter, they are scared. They'll hiss and swat and hide...Casca, however, was the complete opposite. She immediately started rubbing against us, purring her heart away and soaking up the affection we were giving her. She obviously knew that she was now safe and never again will she ever be abandoned. Casca trusted us right away which is exactly why this girl is so special.

Sugary Muffin Casca is an energetic little girl who loves to play. String toys, mice, balls, name it, she'll play with it. Casca loves to be silly and can easily make you laugh. Our little girl does, however, have a calm side to her. When you go into the cat room, she'll be lying in the outdoor window, sleeping blissfully. Sometimes you'll find her on a condo, with her head up and eyes closed. One thing is for certain though; once you walk into the room, Miss Casca will jump up and run to you, immediately rubbing herself against your legs and purring. Casca absolutely loves people and loves affection. She's the sweetest angel who's bestowed her presence among us for nearly half a year and as much as we love her, we know that there's a furrever home out there that's meant for her.

Sweetie-pie Casca is spayed, up-to-date with all her shots, and litter-boxed train. She gets along well with other cats and would be fine with dogs. She is the purrfect little darling and we love her so much. Every night this sweet girl goes to be and awakes, hoping that it'll be her day to find her furrever home. We promised her when she first came in that she would find the furrever home that she deserves...the absolute BEST home out there. She's waiting....anxiously, with her paws crossed over and her head bowed down, eyes closed...praying softly for the one thing that she wishes for with her entire heart and soul...can you make Casca's dream, wish, and prayer come true? Can you give this sweet girl the furrever home that she deserves? Please say yes...


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