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Every Friday we are going to highlight an AWSOM animal that has been with us for too long, in the hopes of finding each one a lifetime home. Please help us spread the word about our Forgotten Friends. Together, we can find the perfect forever home for every single AWSOM animal! (Click here to see all Forgotten Friends



"The welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all." - Helen Keller

We would like to introduce you to the sweetest, most gentle and loving boy in the world…KLAUSE. Big boy was surrendered a while back because his former family was moving and could not take him with them. Baby boy has been sad, depressed and confused ever since.

From day one, this precious little guy has been sweet and loving towards everyone he's met. All he wants is to feel the safety and security of gentle hands and loving arms. All he wants is to feel anchored in the protection and peace of his very own home. Seeing our baby boy dispirited is breaking our hearts and we have to show him that he is worth it. We have to pick up where his former family failed. We have to show him happy ever after.

Klause is 5 years old, neutered, UTD on shots, litter trained and hands down, one of the most gentle and tender  cats we've had the pleasure of caring for. He does like to play in short spurts but much prefers to spend his days cozy in bed, snoozing away in the sun's warm embrace. He lives happily and contentedly with other cats of all ages and sizes so we have no doubt he would be fine with an existing cat, as long as your cat is easily accepting of another.

The name Klause means "leader in victory..." and our baby boy sure could use a win about now. Folks, please watch the short video and you will see how sad he is. You will also see how he rubs his head in my hand, totally trusting and accepting of all the love and adoration I tried to give him. To have this sensitive  little being push his head into my hands, with eyes closed, totally trusting me, purring contentedly…well it touched me to my soul and took all I had not to weep. I wanted to mourn with him and show him that he wasn't alone, to show him that he is a valuable and treasured wave in the ocean of life.

Klause is physically dependent on us, as humans, to provide him with necessities such as food, water, shelter and health care…all the things required to live. 

Klause is emotionally dependent on us, as humans, to provide him with all the love necessary to fill his spirit each day, to thrive and to ensure he is living his best life.

Boyfriend's former humans have failed him. Together, we can restore his faith in humanity and show him, to prove to him, that he is worthy of not only the basic necessities in life, but to live the life of his dreams. No. To live the kind of life that far exceeds his wildest dreams. The longer he is with us here, in this temporary rest stop, the more he becomes sad and withdrawn. We can't let the choice his former family made extinguish the light inside of him. He needs to feel the safety and security that only a permanent, rock solid, rest of his life, home can offer.

Being someone's first love may be great but being their last is beyond perfect!

Now, please watch the video of our beloved Klause and open your heart to this very special boy who deserves a chance at his very own fairy tale ending.


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